Saloniki grecja - Thessaloniki Suburban Railway

Grecja saloniki Saloniki (Grecja)

Grecja koronawirus

Grecja saloniki Saloniki, Grecja

Grecja saloniki Thessaloniki


Grecja saloniki Z Saloniki

Grecja saloniki Thessaloniki Suburban

Nowa Stacja Kolejowa w Salonikach

Grecja saloniki Grecja koronawirus

Grecja saloniki Wypo┼╝yczalnia samochod├│w

Grecja saloniki Saloniki Greek

Grecja saloniki Saloniki

Grecja saloniki Saloniki (Grecja)

Saloniki, Grecja

Additionally many of the city's Muslims, including Ottoman , were deported to , ranging at about 20,000 people.

  • T E Gregory, A History of Byzantium.

  • Prior to the , the was made up of twice as many municipalities, considerably smaller in size, which created bureaucratic problems.

One apartment building in central Thessaloniki collapsed during the second earthquake, killing many, raising the final death toll to 51.

  • As of the the largest party in Thessaloniki is the with 35.

  • In 2010 the sleepovers of foreign tourists in the city were around 250,000.