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I took my friends to the nude beach. We all learned a few things about how to behave naked.

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  • Why not a little bikini top or something? Will she, though, be sunbathing topless? A female reader, , writes 25 August 2010 : I think that trying to get your friends to take off their tops so you can see their boobs is probably just asking for trouble.

  • Scroll down for video Catching some rays: Kate Hudson was sunning herself on a small island near Skiathos, Greece last week alongside a large group of family and friends The twenty-strong gang boarded a private yacht to take them to the picturesque sunbathing spot, with the boat moored nearby as they made the most of the sun.

Geez…white people seem to have this allergic reaction to black female beauty and sexiness.

  • Your personal data that may be used• There is, however, a world of difference in meaning between total nudity and top-arf-only.

  • Would it have bothered you if she'd been posing but had a shirt or bathing suit top on? I'm not anti-nudity but I needed a little advance notice or more tequila.