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The osteophytes are resected and the tibial resection is performed with an oscillating saw under guidance of a jig which is positioned according to the physiological tibial slope.

  • After inserting the test implants the femoral and tibial components are cemented in one or two stages.

  • Mermerkaya MU, Alkan E, Ayvaz M 2018 Evaluation of metatarsal head resurfacing hemiarthroplasty in the surgical treatment of Hallux Rigidus: a retrospective study and mid- to long-term follow-up.

Wie viel kostet eine Totalprothese? Even severe arthritic joints can be treated with an implant made of polylactide.

  • Meine Frau Mirella und ich! Morgan S, Ng A, Clough T 2012 The long-term outcome of silastic implant arthroplasty of the first metatarsophalangeal joint: a retrospective analysis of one hundred and eight feet.

  • Glazebrook M, Baumhauer JF, Blundell C et al 2019 Letter regarding: early outcomes and complications of synthetic cartilage implant for treatment of Hallux Rigidus in the United States.

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