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Tefnut Ancient Egypt:

Tefnut Egyptian Goddess

Tefnut Tefnut

Tefnut Egypt: Tefnut,

Tefnut Tefnut: Goddess

Tefnut Ancient Egypt:

Egypt: Tefnut, Goddess of Moisture and the Moon, and Dryness and the Sun

Tefnut Tefnut: Goddess



Tefnut Egyptian Goddess

Many stories of her have pointed out that the reason why she went to Nubia was because she was so envious of the admiration Egyptians showered on her grandchildren i.

  • It did not deny the existence of other deities and believed in the myth of solar origin about the birth of the universe.

  • Her name in hieroglyphics consists of four single symbols t-f-n-t.

In her hands, Tefnut often held a staff as a symbol of power, as well as a shape that looks like a cross with a circle at the top.

  • After some time, Ra believed that they were lost, and sent his Eye out into the chaos to find them.

  • Tefnut was often associated with the symbol of the Ankh Tefnut in Egypt Tefnut was revered throughout Egypt, and people took the rituals associated with her very seriously.

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