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'Phags pa blo gros rgyal mtshan 1235—1280 The Tibetan part of the Chinese tripitaka Zhonghua da zang jing 中華大藏經 was published in 2008.

  • In addition to the previous works Tibet has produced a huge literary wealth both in terms of volume and range of coverage by the 13th century and this growth imposed to carry a fresh comprehensive bibliographical record and control existing literature.

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Idealerweise solltest du zuvor nicht schwer essen.

  • Die Akupressur ist eine Druckpunktmassage, die ihren Ursprung in der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin TCM und in Japan hat.

  • Die Hauptsekten dieser Form des Tantrismus sind:• As a major step in this remarkable attempt at literary standardization, the bi-lingual glossary known as the Mahavyutpatti sgra-sbyor bam-po gnyis-pa was successfully accomplished in the Tibetan horse year 814 CE.

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