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Alejandro Villanueva Was Motivated By a Chance to Face His Former Steelers

Villanueva Alejandro Villanueva

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Villanueva Alejandro Villanueva

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Villanueva Alejandro Villanueva

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Orlando Brown Jr. and Alejandro Villanueva Are No Longer In Play for the Minnesota Vikings

Villanueva Alejandro Villanueva,

Villanueva Steelers LB

Villanueva opened up about how his original goal in the NFL was to play one season in order to pay for business school.

  • 24, 2020, in Los Angeles.

  • 28th ranked OT in a system where 7 got rid of the ball faster than any other QB in the league.

New OT Al Villanueva — who started every game over the last five years — says Pittsburgh told him it was not interested in retaining him shortly after the season.

  • "I had to make the transition into the civilian world, which is a very, very difficult transition.

  • Throughout the , Villanueva was kept on the practice squad to learn the position, put on more weight, and develop his abilities.